About Us

We have over 300 years of combined brand heritage, with some of the most iconic beers in the midlands we are proud to continue this brewing heritage.

Davenports brewery began in 1829, and our range of revival cask beers harks back to some of the very original secret brews. Highgate Brewery was established in 1898  by James A. Fletcher and began brewing in 1899.  Its best known for its classic midlands dark beers , with the  “mild” style beer  historically being a staple for the workers of the local area. at its peak its was producing 100,000 barrels of mild beer per year. Dares, established in 1927 in Birmingham, Davenports acquired the brand in 1960 now resurrected as a wicked craft beer brand for product and venues.


 127 14 Davenports Brewery Bath Row