The first record of the Davenport family in the brewing trade is that of Robert Davenport in 1829, a brewer at 120 Brearley St, Hockley. He also had premises in Pritchett St and eventually owned several public houses.

His son Robert moved into Bath Row in 1852 and the business was gradually centralised there. In 1867 John Davenport and Sons was registered at that address as "Maltsters, Hop Merchants, and makers of Pale and Brown Malt for brewing bitter ales and porter".

Davenports bought the old Bath House, from which the Row took its name, converted the mansion into offices and built over the gardens. The biggest change to the company came when Baron John Davenport began the 'Beer at Home' service in 1904. This expanded rapidly and a distribution network was set up all over the country. A separate company, Davenports CB Ltd, was set up to deal with the bottled beer and home delivery service, while John Davenport and Sons Ltd continued to run the brewery and the licensed houses.


During the war years the home delivery business suffered, due to the rationing of brewing materials and fuel for transport, but after the war Davenports made full use of television for advertising and the business prospered again.

Dare's brewery was purchased in 1962 to strengthen the public house side of the business, and their land allowed Davenports to negotiate with the City Council for the site of St Thomas's School on the corner of Granville Street and Bath Row. The company's main garage was built there in 1970.

From the 1st October 1974 Davenports CB Ltd and John Davenport and Sons Brewing Ltd ceased to operate independently and instead traded collectively as Davenports Brewery Ltd.

Davenports Brewery continued to expand and by 1985 they owned 123 pubs, cash and carry outlets and off licenses, and supplied more than 600 free trade accounts in Birmingham and the Midlands. During this time home deliveries played a decreasing role in the company until, in that year, the operation was sold to an independent firm. In 1986 an agreed merger took place between Davenports Brewery Ltd and Greenall Whitley plc, and the Bath Row site was progressively decommissioned over the next few years.

Empire Star purchased the Davenports brand as part of the Highgate brewery.



Old Davenports Drey

Old Davenports Drey - 1900

Bottle Delivery

Bottle Delivery - 1920

 View Bath Row

View Bath Row - 1935

The Malt Room

The Malt Room - 1935

The Copper Room

The Copper Room - 1935

The Malt Mill

The Malt Mill - 1935

The Steel's Masher

The Steel's Masher - 1935

The Mash Turns

The Mash Turns - 1935

The Sugar Room

The Sugar Room - 1935

The Hop Back

The Hop Back - 1935

The Cooler Room

The Cooler Room - 1935


Refrigerators - 1935

The Collecting Room

The Collecting Room - 1935

The Fermenting Room

The Fermenting Room - 1935

The Fermenting Room

The Fermenting Room - 1935

The Barm Room

The Barm Room - 1935

The Conditioning Room

The Conditioning Room - 1935

The Chiller

The Chiller - 1935

The Conditioning Room

The Conditioning Room - 1935


Refrigerating - 1935

The Cold Store

The Cold Store - 1935


Filtering - 1935

Pulp Wash Room

Pulp Wash Room - 1935

Compressed Air Plant

Compressed Air Plant - 1935

The Bottling Hall

The Bottling Hall - 1935

Bottle Washing

Bottle Washing - 1935

Bottling and Stoppering

Bottling and Stoppering - 1935


Labelling - 1935

Stopper Sorting and Washing

Stopper Sorting and Washing - 1935

Wine and Spirit Store

Wine and Spirit Store - 1935

Bottled Beer Store

Bottled Beer Store - 1935

Loading Decks

Loading Decks - 1935

Bottling Staff Canteen

Bottling Staff Canteen - 1935


Garage - 1935

Section of the Fleet

Section of the Fleet - 1935

Order Office

Order Office - 1935

Invoicing Office

Invoicing Office - 1935

Registration Office

Registration Office - 1935

General Office

General Office - 1935

Typists Rest Room

Typists Rest Room - 1935

Dining Room

Dining Room - 1935

The Washing Machine

The Washing Machine - 1935

The Screen Room

The Screen Room - 1935

Old TV Ad

Old TV Ad - 1955

Bath Row

Bath Row - 1958

Old TV Ads

Old TV Ads - 1960

Barrel Store

Barrel Store - 1960

Davenports Brewery Bath Row

Davenports Brewery Bath Row - 1965

Old TV Ad

Old TV Ad - 1971

Davenports new garage Bath Row

Davenports new garage Bath Row - 1979

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