Position: Pub Managers Midlands

Ref: Pub Manager01

Reporting To: Operations Manager

Closing Date: 27 April 2018

Position Summary:

Managers required across Birmingham and the West Midlands. We are currently seeking enthusiastic business minded people to join our ever growing team.

Davenports, a company with a rich heritage and a history of brewing, is seeking a self-motivated experienced bar / pub manager to join our team.

Please note previous experience required

A public house manager is responsible for the commercial success of a pub.

The role requires strong management, commercial and practical skills.

A pub manager must constantly adapt to ensure that their pub is profitable, pleasant and safe and that it is run in accordance with the law and ethical guidelines.

Roles and Responsibilities:



  • interacting with customers (including serving food and drink) and ensuring that high standards of customer service are maintained;
  • taking responsibility for the pub safety and security
  • overseeing compliance with health and safety regulations at all times in the pub, kitchen and other areas;
  • organising and advertising events such as live music, comedy nights, quizzes and karaoke competitions, which may involve researching and recruiting talent;
  • running promotional campaigns to market house products;
  • ensuring regular maintenance of the premises, including cleaning and repairs;
  • recruiting, training and managing staff, including leading and motivate staff;
  • monitoring profitability and performance to ensure sales targets are met;
  • meeting with the business manager for the area to assess pub performance and set sales targets;
  • ensuring that the pub adheres to various legal frameworks;
  • maintaining relations with members of the local community, the police and local authorities
  • most importantly you must be the face of the business to ensure all of the company values are delivered.


  • This is a full time position with great benefits and growth potential


  • A competitive package for the right applicant

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