Davenports Beers

With over 190 years of brewing history, we have something for everyone in our portfolio of heritage brands, modern classics and exciting contemporary brands.

Davenports have crafted ales of the highest quality in Birmingham since 1829. Since then, we have incorporated the famous brews from the Highgate Walsall brewery, and the Dares and Smiles breweries into our stable of brands.

Our beers are brewed at the craft artisan brewery. We use traditional recipes with modern brewing technology to produce our famous traditional cask ale and craft keg beers.

We use only the best ingredients in our beers, the finest English malt and hops from Britain and around the world. This ensures that our heritage brews are as they have always been, and our contemporary beers have a dynamic range of flavours and aromas.

The exceptional standard of our beers is reflected in the many local and national awards that we have won.

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